Monday, November 20, 2023

Thanksgiving 2023: Still Here and Grateful


Happy Thanksgiving season! I have intended on blogging more this year, but somehow the days, weeks, and months are flying by without any updates. So I'm here to say: Still here, lurking, and grateful, as always.

In the photo below, I'm swimming in the Salish Sea, which I've been doing a lot this past year. If you follow other Pacific Northwest Seasons social media accounts (see links below), you'll see numerous shots from regular swims in the sea with the Selkies, my homegrown swimming pod.

Honestly, "wild" swimming has moved ahead of hiking, kayaking, and even skiing as my primary outdoors activity this past year. Lots of gratitude for the Salish Sea, swimming in the sea, new friends (and old) who share this passion with me, and for the friendly seals we see quite often while we swim.

Of course I'm grateful for getting outdoors and the joy of movement, especially for some spectacular days hiking along the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park last summer. I am intending on blogging about it and likely will. It was such a thrill and joy to be invited by some good friends to be a part of a fun, scenic, rewarding, and memorable adventure!

Grinnell Glacier overlook, Glacier National Park, Montana

Bighorn sheep, awfully close to the trail. Glacier National Park.

I'm also grateful for my little fur nugget, Mittens (aka Yuki - it's a long story), who has been inside sharing my home for almost 2 years now after living outside as a feral for almost 10 years. While she's still quite skittish, she is the most affectionate cat I've been fortunate to call my pet (number four). 

I can tell I'm rusty on blogging, as this is a bit of a slapdash post. But while there is a lot be be concerned and alarmed about in our world today, there is much to be grateful for as well. I have always cultivated simple pleasures in my life, like the perfect pot of tea each morning, talks (and now more texts) and walks with friends and family, mini road trips and getaways like the marvelous day last Friday with two dear friends to get fresh seafood on Hood Canal, and so much more.

Hamma Hamma Oysters, Hood Canal, WA

While I would like to be a bit more profound, I'll keep it simple this year. I'm just happy to be here, for good health, for good friends and dear family, and the beauty of my home region. 

If you found your way here and are still reading, I'd love to hear some things you're grateful for this year in a comment below.

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NAM said...

Grateful to you, nature girl for reminding us of the beautiful place we live in and all that it has to offer.

smb2323 said...

Always grateful for nature and animals. They are grounding and make you realize what is really important.

jill said...

NAM (methinks Nancy), thanks for your comment. I hope you're doing well and have a lovely Thanksgiving!

SMB2323, I so agree with you! Happy Thanksgiving!

RavanarWriter said...

So grateful to know you Jill!

Anonymous said...

Grateful for your bold spirit and your ability to share your adventures. Grateful for four good children and nine grandchildren all living their own adventures.
Leaving the farm today on a crisp and clear afternoon we saw St Helen's Adams and Hood lined up. All from the end of the driveway. We live in a beautiful place.
And how fortunate I am- turn on the tap and clean cold water appears, twists the knob and hot water appears, heat goes on with no effort, my clothes are washed and dried with little effort, my fridge has a freezer and doesn't require a block of ice. Neither my grandmother or her mother enjoyed that level of luxury. I don't need to sew my clothes or knit mittens. I have excellent medical care that I can afford. All of that but, within the day to day of urban life, we are all pretty safe- no one is lobbing bombs, snatching our kids our bombing their schools. Yup, things are far from perfect but we are all very lucky. Mary Lou