Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spring Arrives in Spectacular Style

I hope you, too, were fortunate enough to witness our spectacular vernal equinox lunar event. As a man who was watching nearby said:

"This is a once in a lifetime event."

Well, I'm not sure about that, but it's pretty darn rare to have this combination: a full moon setting in the morning alpenglow behind the snow-covered Olympic Mountains, under clear skies. On the first day of Spring no less!

I rose early and dashed west to Sunset Hill Park (which is indeed a great place to watch sunsets) in north Seattle with camera and zoom lense ready. I expected a hoard of other photographers there with tripods, but no, I just saw a one other guy shooting and no tripods.

It was still dusky predawn when I arrived and started snapping the first shots.

As it lightened and the moon sank closer to the knife-edged line of the mountaintops, I had to remind myself to stop and just enjoy the view every few minutes.  It's easy to get so hung up on getting the perfect shot that you miss what's happening before your eyes.

And really, there are only so many similar shots you can take.

But also sweet on this magnificent morning (besides the killer lunar show) were the breezy fresh air and ebullient people stopping to watch. Because we all live under the same sun, moon, and sky.

Within about 20 minutes it was over, but the lovely first day of Spring was just beginning, full of promise. I snapped a few more shots and headed to morning tea/coffee with the regulars at Preserve & Gather, where I showed them some shots on my camera.

Did you get to watch the moon setting on the Spring equinox? I've love to hear in a comment below.

Happy Spring and Happy trails! Thanks for visiting Pacific Northwest Seasons.

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Anne said...

I was not out as the moon set and don't have access to have seen it from here....but I did spend a few moments appreciating its beauty last night a little before midnight, still east of here. I did seem to shimmer extra nicely in the very clear sky and there was a lovely rainbow ring around it.

Anonymous said...

moon sliding behind the mountains, best. Will miss my bedroom with its mountain view, Mary Lou

martha said...

Absolutely amazing. So beautiful.
and it sure beats looking at the Deer Park fire.

jill said...

Anne, Martha, and Mary Lou, thanks for jumping in with your comments! Anne, the halo around the moon I think indicates a change in weather (for the worse).