Friday, November 7, 2014

Yes We Have Fall Color in the Pacific Northwest

Seattle Japanese Garden
Here in the Pacific Northwest, our fall colors are a myriad tapestry of greens, yellow-golds, oranges, scarlets, and browns.  While our forests run more evergreen, brilliant displays can still be found scattered around the region.

Recent wind and rain have brought down leaves, but the show isn't over yet. As someone commented on Pacific Northwest Season's FaceBook page recently, our fall show is better than New England's because the season lasts longer than our northeastern compatriots.  Agree?

Over the last few years this blog has become as much or more about the photos than the prose (begrudingly admits this writer), but that's not a bad thing. I've also become more compulsive about taking pictures. Hey, most of the world seems more compulsive about taking pictures with their handhelds.

Autumn leaves and sunsets are two of my favorite subjects. Perhaps I'm drawn to warm colors (ergo my mango-colored dining room walls, pumpkin-colored hallway, and cinnamon-colored guest room) because I live in an often damp and chilly climate.

Golden Gardens Park, Seattle

So today's post is simply sharing shots of fall color here in the Northwest and where you can find it, whether it's vine maples, golden larches, or huckleberry shrubs in the mountains or bigleaf and ornamental maples in our cities.

Golden larches above Lake Ann on Maple Pass Loop Trail, North Cascades, WA

Sidewalk tree, Sunset Hill neighborhood, Seattle
Seattle Japanese Garden

Golden larches, evergreens, dry grass, and mist. Wallowa Mountains, Oregon
On their way down, leaves can land in unnatural habitats, like a slash of scarlet in an evergreen shrub, that create brilliant juxtapositions.

And in the aftermath, downed leaves drop into often artistic, graceful collages waiting to be captured.

Bigleaf maple leaves, Golden Gardens Park, Seattle

Downtown Joseph, Oregon
I love this season, when so many trees look like they're dressed up for the biggest party of the year. Which, in fact, they are.

And you? Where are your favorite fall colors? Would love to hear in a comment below!

Happy trails and thanks for visiting Pacific Northwest Seasons!


JoJo said...

I loved the foliage up there. It lasts much longer than it does here in New England too. The Fred Meyer in Bonney Lake is full of gorgeous burning bushes that glow bright red even on the cloudiest day.

Anne said...

Yes we are lucky! I am sitting in my office working away with vivid red leaves outside the window...(home office) and I can go to the front of the house and see more of the same plus yellow. Get in the car and they unfurl as you drive through the neighborhoods. Fall color without even having to travel.

jose greco said...

Seattle's Kubota Gardens on Raineer and South 55th
9817 55th Ave. S.
Seattle, Wa.98178
www.kubota. org

Kubota Garden is part of the esthetic Seattle landscape and showcase for ideal gardening and landscaping ideas. I visited Kobuta Gardens during their renovation in the 80's, my sister and I were given a grand tour and informed of all the future plans that presently make this wonderful place a memorable feast for the sences.

Jose Greco

jose greco said...

Seward Park Torii or Japanese Gate

As a young child of the 50's one of the fun places we would visit was Seward Park, and were first greeted by this impressive Japanese gate, its part of the Japanese cultural parts of Seattle my Japanese family and visitors enjoy when visiting Seattle. The Seward Park Torii, the bell at the Seattle Buddhist Temple, the Japanese Teahouse and Cherry Blossoms lane and Japanese Garden at the Washington Park Arboretum,the Noguchi "Black Sun" sculpture at Volunteer Park, are memorable contributions to Seattle's wonderful colkection of Japanese artwork and landmarks.

Jose Greco

Lesley Allan said...

Randomly (sort of), you've given me some inspiration for re-painting my entry way and hall. I've been looking to change up the olive green -- perhaps I'll venture into the warmer side of the palate!

Lovely photos!

jill said...

Thanks for the tips Joseph!