Thursday, July 3, 2014

Seattle Summer Sunsets: Drama in the Sky

How did you celebrate Fourth of July weekend?

Sure fireworks are fun to oooh and aaahhh over, but you don't have to wait for fancy exploding chemical concoctions for spectacular displays in our skies. Just head down to a beach on Puget Sound, or anywhere with a good view west, and plop down on a log/sit pad/beach towel for the show. 

It has become a regular pilgrimage for me to head down to Carkeek Park, Golden Gardens, or occasionally Discovery Park to shoot the sunset.  Some nights a dark gray marine layer of clouds rolls in and settles high over the Olympics across the Sound, blotting out much of a show.

But overall clouds heighten the drama. We do clouds well here in the Upper Left Hand Corner.

 I'm not alone in heading to the Sound's edge for the evening show.  Families and friends bring picnics and revel in our sunsets.

And of course the Olympics heighten the spectacle, whether draped, partially obscured in clouds, or flying free and clear.

 As I watch the sky show and kiss the day goodbye, I try to appreciate the fleeting beauty of each moment.  These sunsets go by quickly, with subtle and dramatic changes in light and color over the course of 30 minutes or less. I see it as analogous to the course of a lifetime, in way.

Which of course has to include some fun.

So I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend and enjoyed a sunset or two. And  tell me about it with a Comment below!

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JoJo said...

I do miss the PNW. I shot some gorgeous sunsets on Vancouver Island. happy 4th

Rabbits' Guy said...

Thanks for the pix and words! Helps us remember to enjoy what we have here!

martha said...

Amazing how each of us celebrate out nation's independence in different ways. They are all wonderful.

jill said...

Thanks for the comments! Hope you had a nice Fourth JoJo and Martha. Rabbit's Guy, yes, you're welcome, my goal is to spread the NW love and appreciation.

Suezy Proctor said...

Love your photographs Jill. I especially love the one with the blue and orange bands with the two paddle boarders in the foreground and any with the Olympics with snow on them.

I thought 4th of July was bad on Hill Top, where we used to live in Tacoma, because we had fireworks 365 days of the year and most of the time it was hard to discern if what we heard was gunshot or fireworks. BUT... the fireworks here in Fairwood Greens were horrendous and they went on well past 2 AM. really - it sounded like a war zone here. One neighbor, who is a Vietnam Vet was visibly shook the day after and remarked that the sounds brought back so many bad memories.

We had a small backyard BBQ withe pals from Walla Walla and had a great time catching up with them. the best part of the BBQ was fresh, crisp, sweet, corn on the cob.

I look forward to your next adventure and thanks again for sharing and spreading the NW Love and appreciation!!

XOXO Suezy

jill said...

Suezy, bummer about your neighborhood fireworks! I was away from it all camping in the Teanaway where no fireworks were allowed and out of cell range, highly recommend! Thanks for your thoughtful comment, as always!

Sallie said...

Gorgeous work, Jill! Thank you!

mab said...'s a great reminder that we have so many lovely beaches right in our neighborhoods here in the Northwest.

Lesley said...

Incredible photos Jill -- thanks for sharing with us eastsiders.

Dave Wenning said...

I never get to see sunsets where I am. Trees are in the way. Sometimes I get a frontlit one in the east, but those are rare. Thanks for sharing yours.