Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Super Party for our Super Bowl Champs!

Today most of Seattle and much of the Puget Sound region came downtown to celebrate our Super Bowl champs Seahawks. And what a party!

While temps hovered just above 20 degrees (my toes and fingers say even colder), around 700,000 12s endured freezing cold to be a part of the collective joy that has gripped Seattle. That's 65,000 more than the total population of Seattle.

Mutual love for the youthful and exhuberant Hawks has even thawed the so-called Seattle Freeze. Over the last month, and especially the last few days, this city has become a melting pot of joyous, smiling, extra-friendly, happy people. In mid-winter no less!

Along the parade route, people made sure to let the kids be in the front so they could see the Hawks as they rode by in open-topped Hum-vees and other big rigs. Our Mayor Murray overruled our Superintent of Schools by suggesting that parents be allowed to take their kids out of school for the parade. Best mayor ever!

People were hanging out of windows, balconies, rooftops, trees, and even perched atop Honey Buckets to see and cheer the Hawks.  And while there were thousands of outstretched arms taking pictures with their phones and cameras, over half the Hawks were taking shots of us.

Beast Mode! Running back Marshawn Lynch filming me.  :)

Being the polite city we are, there were no arrests, although one guy was hauled off in handcuffs for not keeping back. If you haven't checked out the #howseattleriots string on Twitter, it's a humorous Portlandia-esque take on Seattle's post-Super Bowl behavior.

All in all we Seattleites want to savor our moment as long as possible. The city's ardor for this team seems to transcend mere awesome football players and games. The special feeling for this special team was palpable all season, and it just continued to build.  Civic pride is rampant.  After "hiding" in plain sight all these years in the Upper Left Hand corner, we're finally recognized! We're all winners together!

We'll be floating on this high well into Spring. 


Dave Wenning said...

Very nice post. Catches the flavor of the city. Retweeting. Thanks.

Anne said...

Shoot, now people will know it doesn't rain every day in Seattle! Great pix. Didn't go due to an appointment in the middle of it but my heart was there! I am proud my fellow Seattleites are so well behaved and proud of our wonderful team.

Lindsey said...


Mary said...

Beautiful blog Jill! Excellent. I loved your message and your photos looked great!!!!!!!

I'm so glad you covered the Super Seahawks parade in your blog. How could you not write about it. It was HUGE! In so many ways.

jill said...

Thanks for the retweet Dave!
Thanks for the comments Mary, Anne, and Lindsey. Yes, it was a HUGE day for Seattle.

Seanna said...

Great photos! Especially the one of Marshawn filming you! Nice post, Jill

Anonymous said...

Jill, kind of amazed that you are a football person. I am not but I loved the excitement and the pure joy that made for the best party, fireworks, lots of noise. Nice to celebrate some positive energy and community celebration. Mary Lou

JoJo said...

I was soooo happy with this win! I was one of only a small handful of Seahawks fans in my region of coastal Massachusetts. Best. Superbowl. Ever.