Sunday, January 19, 2014

Go Hawks!

Just a little pause from the usual nature and adventure posts to congratulate our own Super Bowl-bound Seattle Seahawks on their NFC championship.  What a season so far!

Lots of whooping and cheering in Seattle tonight, and many 12th Man flags and signs all over the city.  

Hey, even the vendors at our farmers markets got into the spirit.

So how about this:  if you're a Hawks fan and excited for their upcoming Super Bowl matchup, select Cool under the Reactions below or even share the love by leaving a comment.

Let's spread the city and regional pride!


Salish Sea Communications said...

So, What Is a Seahawk?

jill said...

Good one, thanks for the link...Mike? Anyway remember when the name came about when the team was new to Seattle, thought the consensus that there wasn't actually a seahawk. so glad to hear osprey is the closest equivalent. I see them around occasionally, most recently at Carkeek Park.