Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Northwest Snapshot: Portland Night Walk

Happy New Year!  In 2013, I'll be adding shorter "snapshot" posts about things to do and see around the Pacific Northwest AND strive to post more frequently.  Would love to hear in the comments below what you enjoy and whether you use this blog as a resource. 

The Thing To Do:  An evening stroll along the Willamette River Eastbank Esplanade in Portland.

Choice Time:  Ideally a still night without much wind or rain, any time of the year.  After dinner to walk off some calories.  A date on a nice night...if it's cold, you've got another reason to snuggle. :)

What to Bring:   Good walking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, a friend (ladies, might not be the best to go alone after dark), camera, and maybe bubbles to blow at passersby.

What to Watch out For:  If you walk down to one of the floating docks, watch out for sleeping Canada geese spread out across the dock.  Also keep your heads up for bicyclists undeterred by the dark.

What You Might Notice:  Relative quiet within a big city.  How the dark river reflects the skyline. The cool lamp posts.  

What are you favorite night walks?

Walk on.


Dave Wenning said...

Great post, beautiful photos, and a little redemption for that silly TV show (sorry,Portlandia fans). You do those night shots very well.

www.ronaldgmitchell.com said...

Jill, your photos blow me away...award winning!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill, Watched the waxing Snow Wolf moon over the river last night. Wished you coulda seen it.


jill said...

Hey Dave, Thanks! Ha, not a fan of Portlandia? Yes, it's silly but has made me laugh. Night shots were with my new Canon.

Ron, Thanks! Ah, just knowing you're blown away by the photos is award enough for me.

Matt,sounds lovely! Never heard of the Snow Wolf moon, but I love the name.

Martha said...

I love your blog and yes I being so far away use it as a resource and for personal enjoyment. Lasy year I ran into a former neighbor who loves all that is Seattle and I gave him your blog info. He loves it.When my dentist wanted to visit Seattle over Christmas we perused your blog and he took info with him. My bff wants to go on an Alaskan cruise next summer and once again you are my champion. And the list goes on.