Saturday, December 24, 2011

And So This is Christmas

And how are you celebrating this holiday season? 

Perhaps you're an Aussie drinking white wine in the sunshine with family and friends. Or maybe you're huddled around an adobe fireplace in northern New Mexico waiting for the blizzard outside to abate. Maybe you don't celebrate the season at all.

 Here in the Pacific Northwest many of us get outside for a walk or run in the woods before or after big holiday meals. Temperatures are mild, it's not raining (today at least), and the mountains are vivid on the horizon.

A man I passed on the trail today in Carkeek Park said he hadn't been back since leaving the region 47 years ago. He looked happy to be here.

As I was finishing my walk through the forested gully, a jet soared low overhead, no doubt on a landing pattern for Sea-Tac Airport 20+ miles south. I thought of all the people in that plane coming to see loved ones, and darn if it didn't give me a little lump in my throat.  The holidays are like that--amped up emotions mixed with nostalgia and hope.

Wherever you are, whether you've traveled a long distance or are sticking close to home this season, I sincerely wish for everyone lots of love, hugs, laughter, propserity, and peace now and in the year to come.

Happy holidays from the Pacific Northwest!


Barry said...

Lovely post, Jill. Best wishes for the season! And thank you for writing PNW Seasons!


jill said...

Thank you Barry! Same to you. Your thoughtful posts on Oxherding are also much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

There's no place like Christmas in the Pacific NW! Personally I think Santa lives there ~ I love that you shared your Christmas and the heartfelt feelings that can suddenly take you by surprise. Peace and love to you Jill!!


Ron said...

Thank you Jill and happy days ahead for you too!