Sunday, January 24, 2010

Portland and Seattle’s Public Pools: Go with the Flow

We lap swimmers are a persistent, methodical, passionate bunch. We want clean, well-maintained pools; regular and predictable swimming schedules; and, most of all, we want access to 25-meter+ pools for lap swimming.

Since I was born a Pisces and raised in Troutdale, how could I not be a swimmer? Sure, I thrive on being out in the mountains hiking and skiing. But swimming is my baseline exercise. It’s so elemental—I call it my mental and physical therapy.

In Seattle and Portland, we’re blessed with many good public swimming pools (the crown jewel is saltwater Colman Pool in Seattle’s Lincoln Park). Actually, we’re fortunate just to have public swimming pools, period.

I didn’t realize how lucky we are until I lived and traveled outside the region. When I asked the locals where the public pools were when I did time in Fresno, they looked at me quizzically. Huh? Same for Boston. I’ve swum laps in some pretty dingy, scary YMCA pools around the world. (FYI, New Zealand has some wonderful public swimming pools.)

So grab your swimsuit, cap, and goggles and make like a fish. You’ll get a good cardio workout while you’re at it, too.

Click here for links to Seattle and Portland public pools. Check schedules carefully. Seattle is closing its pools for some furlough days this year (which has many swimmers pretty unhappy!).


Patti said...

LOVE it...and also the piece about PCC cooking.

devon said...

I love the middle finger in the bottom photo!

jill said...

Hey Devon,
I wondered when someone was going to notice that. I've actually switched out the photo now so as not to distract from the point of the post - that we have great public pools in the Northwest.