Friday, December 30, 2016

A Pacific Northwest Year in Pictures

Here we are again. Goodbye 2016, hello 2017!

I'd like to share substantive, moving reflections on the year just passed (or almost past, depending on when you read this). But I'm spent.  I've been down with a cold and am just starting to feel part of the world again today. Check my gratitude blog post in November for reflections.

So today's post is primarily photos of the year past. I hope you enjoy this perspective of my cherished Pacific Northwest. 

Winter 2016
Two words sum up my winter:  lowland hiking.  In some ways the best time of year to be out, with much lower traffic on our increasingly popular trails.

Deception Pass State Park, WA. Great winter hiking trails!
View of Salish Sea from Fragrance Lake Trail, WA
Spring 2016
One word:  Sunsets.  I love to shoot sunrises and sunsets all year. And I hike all year.

Salish Sea sunset from Seattle's Carkeek Park

Barclay Lake, WA
Sunset from Seattle's Golden Gardens Park

Two themes: (1) Hiking. A recurring theme. It's relatively inexpensive, it's good for you, and we've got endless wonderful trails here in Upper Left USA, and (2) SE Alaska and ferry ride home down the Inside Passage. One of my awesome-est trips ever!

Snow Lake, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA

Inside Passage, AK

Two words:  Returning and richness. For me autumn is about returning, usually to the North Cascades Institute for some wonderful food, environmental-themed speakers, and hiking; to the north-central Cascades to stalk golden larches; and to Hood River Valley for an annual weekend with high school friends. It's all rich and wonderful. My favorite season.

Draper Girls's Country Farm, Hood River Valley, Oregon
Golden larch with Mt. Stuart backdrop, Washington

And this winter now that will blend into 2017? 

Holiday frenzy shifting down to mostly napping. A nasty cold has forced me to stop everything and just allow myself to heal/regenerate/read/be.  Of course, on the first day of winter last week I did begin with an exhilarating day on the slopes.

Stevens Pass, WA (same as top photo on this post).
 So the circle starts again.

Wishing you and yours a happy, productive, joyous 2017 with a good dose of outdoors and adventure, if that's your taste.

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