Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Teases Seattle

For a few too brief, glorious days this past weekend, the sun shone in Seattle.  And the whole city smiled.

Mind you, we didn't have warm, cloudless days.  But the clouds were stacked up on the horizon rather than directly overhead. And with temps finally over 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it was a typical early spring weekend here in the Upper Left Hand corner.

So what do Seattleites do when the sun comes out after months of damp, chilly, and gray weather? Like many, I headed down to the beach at Golden Gardens on Puget Sound for a stroll (after mowing the lawn). 

With a breeze, it was still a bit chilly.  A few hardy souls bared some skin to soak up some rays for Vitamin D-deprived skin. Many took to the water in their boats. One couple threw a linen tablecloth over a picnic table for a waterfront meal.

One lucky bride had a marvelous March day for a wedding at the historic bathhouse on the beach, beating the odds for weather this time of year.  Her sparkly blue ballet flats mirrored the brilliance of the sky overhead.

 Even the wildlife seemed happy for the sunshine and relative calm of a (finally!) spring day. Turtles sunbathed in the pond at the north end of the park, and Barrow's goldeneye and Pacific brant ducks floated languidly on the Sound just offshore.

But most of all, I was just happy to bear witness to that magical meeting of sea and sand and sky as the seasons shifted here on the Salish Sea.

How have you celebrated the arrival of spring?


Anonymous said...

Ahem JillM:
I'll be first to comment. We Yeti's aren't really beach bums so we celebrated with a forest hoedown. Pretty wild in The Wild!
Fredi the Yeti

martha said...

Dear Jill,
Enjoy your chilly, cold rainy days. Last August every day was over 100 (closer to 110). We began our 10 yr. draught. My neck of the woods has had some rain but we can use more. And this March (03/12) is the hottest March on record. So enjoy your mittens and rainboots and winter woolies. Send us you excess cold and rain. We'll take it!

mab said...

I'm chilled to my bones at the moment but these pics really do lift my spirits -thx Jill