Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year, Happy No Drear

While I'm a passionate Pacific Northwesterner, I have to admit: The contrast between my New Year's weekend in sunny San Francisco and gray Seattle was harsh this morning as I rode the Link light rail home from Sea-Tac Airport.

Even native Mossbacks have our moments of impatience with the dark, damp, chilly winter days. (Which is why we often leave for winter vacations to sunnier, warm climes.)

Now that I've been home for 8 hours and I'm parked at my favorite teahouse, which is warm and light and friendly, the  dark skies and rain seem comforting again. ( Not that I wouldn't take blue skies, sunshine, and mild temperatures for a while longer.)

And so the new year begins. 

 Although in year's past I've made all sorts of health and fitness resolutions, this year I'm thinking more about precious time and using it as wisely as possible. Because really, right now, this very moment, is all and everything we have.

How about you? What are you resolving to do (or not do) in the year ahead?

Here's to a wonderful year ahead, in which every moment is fresh and new.

And more Pacific Northwest adventures!



Kim said...

The rain is what keeps me skiing and working in the mountains. At least its snow up here. And the views are better. My resolution? I will be more enthusiastic about my life, my surroundings, my friends and loved ones. I will appreciate it more.

ML said...

This holiday has been a pleasure – snow would have made it even better but it was pretty grand. Now lets get back to some grey and raining; mossbacks need it. For me it’s the opportunity to avoid gardening and farming in favor of reading.

Lindsey said...

The rain can put a damper on things, but I like to remind myself that it keeps everything green, and it is a great excuse to stay on the couch watching old episodes of 30Rock :) This year I also want to live in the moment, and just enjoy life as it comes.

jill said...

Kim yea, the rain is a good thing when the temps are low enough, was actually a bit bummed to miss skiing over New Year's weekend, but seeing family and friends was good too. Enthusiam is wonderful and often contagious! Good luck with that.

ML, oh love those good books on a rainy day.

Ah, wise words, to enjoy life as it comes. I will strive to do that also.

Thanks for your comments!

Anne said...

I am coming to learn that my most valuable possessions are my memories, and this year I will strive to make more of those through special times with family and friends, travel (hopefully) and doing activities I love. It's kind of hand in hand with living in the moment, isn't it? I think I have spent too many moments in my life "marching in place" and want to be more proactive in doing what I love.

Candy said...

I met your fabulous sister Anne amongst the red rocks of Utah and enjoy your blog. I'm living in Santa Fe - you should come visit! Seems like your kind of place

jill said...

Anne, wonderful resolutions!

Candy, I've heard about you, I love Santa Fe! Been there a couple times, want to go back, good luck.