Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Northwest Gratitude

‘Tis the season again already.

Plenty of work, for which I am grateful, is keeping me from blogging as much as I’d like. In the meantime, I’m challenging myself to list at least 10 Pacific Northwest things I’m grateful for today.

So here’s my challenge to you – please reflect for a moment and then leave a comment below with a few things on your gratitude list.

Here's my list, which just got me warmed up:

1.  Carkeek Park in north Seattle, where I can walk in a lowland forest and see salmon spawning.

2. The Panama Hotel, Miro, and Zen Dog teahouses, for their fine tea and soothing ambiance.
Brewing tea in a gaiwan at Zen Dog Studio Teahouse
3. The sound of driving rain outside this morning when I was cozy warm in bed, and the sound of pouring rain as I write this.

4. Washington State ferries—love those ferry trips across Puget Sound.
Riding the Bainbridge Island ferry across Elliott Bay
5. The discounted new books at Powell’s Books in downtown Portland, where you can get wonderful cookbooks at more than half price off. (Or just Powell’s, period.)

6. Crystal Mountain’s South Back on a clear day with fresh, cold snow.
Silver Basin in Crystal's South Backcountry
7. The fireplace in Timberline Lodge.

8. Weekends at the lakeside North Cascades Institute Environmental Learning Center nestled in the North Cascades of Washington.

9. Our remaining patches of old growth forest, may they remain a sanctuary for all.

10. The craggy awesomeness of our snow-covered volcanoes on a clear day.

Wy'East/Mt. Hood
11. Our local organic farmers and small family artisan food vendors, bless them for their hard work and bounty.

Samuele makes the BEST fresh pasta!

12. Crimson vine maples and fresh huckleberries in the Cascades each fall.

Oh my, once I got started it was hard to stop. 
May you treasure each moment and savor each bite.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Anne said...

My family, all of whom are in the NW except one in SFO which is pretty close.

Our weather. Seattle has a bad rep but most places have worse, and I think it's just about perfect for our needs. (I have no desire for for palm trees and the heat....)

Mt. Rainier, I couldn't live anywhere that did not give me frequent views, it's a touchstone.

The mix of people here....quirky, brilliant, earthy, interesting
...and that's just within my family!

The juxtaposition of water, forests and mountains make vistas lovely from just about everywhere.

jill said...

Well put Anne! Thanks for your thoughtful list.

Jennifer said...

Family and friends near & far.

Good health! Which allows us to get out, to ski, to bike, to run, to walk, to kayak, to be outside, rain or shine.

Incredible natural beauty - often shrouded in fog/rain - which makes it all the more spectacular when you do see it.

Connections to people, place, and spirit.

And last but not least, the abundance of good food!

Kathleen O'Dell said...

I'm grateful for the memories: of vacations at Cannon Beach, excursions to Ashland for the Shakespeare Festival, my sunburnt summers in beautiful Baker Valley and Radium Hot Springs. And I guess I should be thankful for the many strains of my family who struggled westward on the Oregon and Applegate trails. And for Levi Scott, my grandfather, who was the first of us to show up in Polk County way back in 1844...

Kathleen O'Dell said...

Dude, I forgot razor clams.

jill said...

Thanks Jennifer, yes, I love the fog as it snakes around forest-covered mountains and hillsides.

Kathy, wow you had ancestors here in the NW 15 years before mine arrived in 1869 (although one came to explore earlier). But a grandfather alive in 1844? Must have been VERY long-lived. I'm guessing it was a great-great? And yes, razor clams are wonderful, had some razor clam risotto recently that was to die for.

Patti said...

I'm grateful for KPLU.

Mountain views from all directions.

Puget sound and the San Juans

North Cascades

Great book stores like Elliott Bay & third Place

Open mindedness and politically left in Seattle

Great options for healthcare including alternative options

Great state, city & county government

Portage Bay Cafe

Hiking close by

Great biking

International District

Seattle Art Museum

City parks

ZD said...

Gratitude for making the list.

Lindsey said...

I am thankful for:
my auntie- who is always around when I need to talk, eat, relax, walk, or just need some company

Half Priced books, my favorite store

Netflix on demand, without that I would never be able to have discovered 30 rock or Parks and Rec

Ballard farmers market, so I always have pretty flowers in my house

UW football....go dawgs!

Lesley said...

My mother's good health.

My adorable great-nieces, especially Catherine.

Living in beautiful Wenatchee (but still close enough to enjoy Seattle).

Good health.

Wonderful family and friends.

The happy strains of a fiddle while Scottish dancing. :)

Joyce said...

Basically, I’m grateful for the sun, moon, earth (all of the elements…air, water, fire, earth, wood metal), universe, the life energy/spirit (the clearlike essence that Buddha mentions) that is behind all of existence, including us. I’m grateful that I exist.

jill said...

Thanks Lindsey, Lesley, Patti, and Joyce for your great lists! Lots of good things, and Joyce you nailed the most basic of all.