Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekend at the Lake

Across the Pacific Northwest and America, summer weekends for some involve a beloved ritual: packing up and heading to the lake (or island) house for the weekend. Are you one of the lucky few to have such a house in your family?

I’m not, but I am fortunate to have friends who do and who graciously invite me to join them now and then. I always try to be a helpful, fun, and pleasant guest.

I just spent the weekend at a lake in the Cascade foothills with some friends—a lake that has transformed dramatically since my first trip there when I was 9. Back then the scattered cabins were small and rustic, and deep evergreen forest fringed much of the shoreline.

Not so much today.

But it’s still beautiful.

Coming to the lake is a throwback to my water-skiing, sunbathing youth. In the intervening years I’ve trended more backpacking-kayaking camper, out howling for wolves, sitting Zen, or seeking solitude on craggy mountain peaks on the weekends. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to mix it up. I’m thrilled to get another invite to hang out with these friends and cruise fast across the lake surface in a speedy little ski boat.

Who doesn’t love playing in the water on a sunny summer day?

Some head to their weekend getaways for quiet, some head to party, but everyone goes to relax. (Well, maybe the kids and teenagers aren’t looking for relaxation.)

Since this is America, dinner on these weekends is often barbeque. Tonight we have grilled chicken and flank steak for 12. Then there’s an evening boat ride to a party across the lake. And later, dancing. (I have some pretty fun friends.)

But my favorite time is still the evening and early morning quiet, when the wind dies down, people settle down, and the beauty of the surroundings move forefront.

I hope you’re also fortunate enough to have a few summer weekend getaways in a beautiful setting with good friends.


Tami said...

It was a great weekend – nice write up!

Carina said...

What a nice account of one of my favorite places....thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

We just spent the week hanging out at Patterson Lake in the Methow -- old fashioned summertime fun with picnics on blankets, the kids racing off the docks doing cannon balls, sand castles to build , sand between the toes...